About Me




Hello, my name is Alison Jane.

I have worked in the area of Autism for over forty years in numerous environments. I have worked in day centre situations, junior schools, senior schools and recently a residential children’s unit where families are in crisis and in danger of falling apart without respite care. I have also undertaken outreach work where children are school refusers and I have worked closely with families to build trusting relationships that both inform and give guidance. I have lived with Autism in my home for over thirty years and fully understand the pressures that it can bring to daily life.

I feel both happy and privileged to be able to offer strategies to anyone who would like guidance from a person who wont judge. There is no question too small as the tiniest changes can make a world of difference in a very confusing world.

Regards Alison Jane.


I also write a blog;   Earth-angel-for-real.com